How May I Help

Please time your arrival for AFTER gate opening times… (07.30hrs for Summer meetings, 08.00hrs for Winter, Visiting series as advised). Should you arrive early please wait in the streets well away from entrance gate or park in an orderly manner along the wooded area perimeter fence (Grosvenor Crescent). Wait quietly in your vehicles. Avoid playing your music loudly or starting conversations outside of your vehicle. Under NO circumstances park/wait in Sutton Court Road. We need to maintain good relations with ‘our’ neighbours to ensure ‘our’ continued presence at Pole Hill.

On entering or leaving the site via the access road please exercise extreme care and caution. GIVE WAY to ALL other users and use hazard lights. Maximum speed of 3mph!!!

Park in an orderly manner. In Winter months avoid driving on the grassed areas (They get ‘sticky’).

Be considerate of others if using a generator and avoid leaving your vehicle idling for extended periods.

Any rubbish you generate that you do not intend taking away with you please ensure it finds its way into one of the rubbish sacks provided. (Usually found attached to track perimeter fence).

Do NOT dispose of ‘dead’ cells in the rubbish sacks or worse still leave lying around the site. Ask Race Control to arrange for safe disposal of them.

Please maintain good transmitter discipline at ALL times. You may only ‘switch on’ when you’re racing, practicing from the rostrum (please use a frequency ‘tag’) or have clearance from ‘Race Control’ to test.

Exercise care when using the compressed air gun. Its mis-use IS dangerous.

At booking in please have your BRCA licence available for inspection.

NO tyre additive containing ‘Wintergreen’ or with an aroma that may indicate its presence may be used whatsoever. The use of any additive of any type is prohibited in ‘wet conditions’.

No drinking, eating, smoking or using mobile ‘phones within the confines of the track. Once the meeting has commenced ONLY those having BRCA membership are allowed inside the barriers. Hi-visibility jackets, provided, to be worn when marshalling.

Foul, abusive language or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated!

Club ‘handout’ transponders to be mounted within confines of chassis i.e. behind front shock mount, ahead of rear shock mount and NOT sticking out the side of chassis plate.