Explanation of scoring

Championship Scoring

Points are awarded as follows: NB points are ONLY awarded to members

Qualifying: FTD 100 down to 1 based on position.

Finals: 100 down to 1 for overall position for each round of finals (the two rounds being independent of each other) based on position. One extra point for “A” final win.

The maximum score available from each round is 201 (100 for pole + 100 for winning the final + 1 for “A” final win)
Example: If you qualifyed 4th over all you receive 97 points, and in the first “A” final you came 1st you would get 100 points plus an extra for the win, so for that round you would have got 97 + 100 + 1 = 198. in the second “A” final you finshed 5th you would get 96 points, so for that round you would have got 97 + 96 = 193.