General Infomation

(Revised 09/11/2009)

The following information is intended for people new to the hobby of radio controlled model car racing and to introduce and welcome people to the WEST LONDON RACING CENTRE.

Track Address

Pole Hill Park, Sutton Court Rd, off Long Lane, Hillingdon, Middx. (OS Map ref. TQ 084835). The nearest post code to the track is UB10 9HT.

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The WEST LONDON RACING CENTRE is designed to provide an organised venue for racing 1:10th Scale Electric On-Road radio control model cars. All meetings are run in accordance with British Radio Car Association (BRCA) rules. The BRCA is the governing body for Radio Control car racing in the UK – Visit the BRCA Website.

We have a purpose made Tarmac “Grand Prix” Circuit Track. The width and length of the track is suitable for 1:10th Scale Electric cars. The design is of the “Multi-Track” type and can be varied by the use of temporary track markings. The whole of the circuit area is surrounded by “ARMCO” to provide protection to the pit area which covers the perimeter of the track.

Race meetings are held for “Scale Saloons”. The new class for “GT-10” flat chassis ‘pan’ cars will be raced with the older classes of “Pro 10” – Group ‘C’ bodied cars and “F1” racing cars if there are sufficient numbers.

Model car types:


This class of racing is now the most popular form of racing in the UK. Most of the major manufacturers in both the UK and the rest of the world now produce a 1:10th Scale Electric Scale Saloon kit.

Most scale saloons are four wheel drive with front and rear differentials and they all comply with the weight, width, length and height regulations laid down in the BRCA rules.

All cars can be raced ‘straight from the box’ without modification but in all cases you will have to purchase a two channel transmitter and receiver, a speed controller and a motor.

There are a lot of modified parts available for all cars to reduce their weight and to make them “go faster”!


These are 1:10th Scale flat chassis ‘pan’ cars with a direct drive through a differential. The cars use body shells represent GT2 ‘le Mans’ cars. They use 4-cell battery packs to control the speed. The cars use foam tyres of which there are many types, with different grades of foam to suit the track and weather conditions, together with tyres designed for racing in the rain.

PRO 10 – GROUP ‘C’

These are the older big brothers of the GT-10 class. The cars are similar in design but slightly wider and use Group C body shells,


These are replica 1:10th scale Electric radio control cars based on full size Fl designs and manufactured by the likes of Tamiya, Corally and Kyosho. These cars can be raced ‘straight from the box’ without any modification and provide an enjoyable, cheap form of radio control model car racing. (PRO 10 cars and F1 cars are now raced as a combined class within he GT-10 class)



If you are new to the hobby it is best to attend a couple of race meetings and have a look round at what people are driving and ask questions, most radio control car drivers are very happy to talk about their cars.

We run a Club Membership at WLRC which enables you to save money on entry fees for all club meetings and take part in the Club Championships You don’t have to become a member straight away to race at WLRC race meetings but, if you race on a regular basis you will need to become a member. At present we are providing a discounted membership to the BRCA if you join WLRC and BRCA. Membership to the BRCA will also allow you to race at National meetings.

At WLRC all club organised races for scale saloons are based on four classes – Stock Touring (27T brushed or 17.5 brushless motor and LiPo), Super Stock (13.5 Brushless and LiPo), Pro Stock (10.5 brushless or 19T brushed motor and LiPo) and Super Touring (Any Motor choice and LiPo). All four classes are run to BRCA rules for weight and dimensions. For National Meetings which are run under the BRCA banner only Pro Stock and Super Touring. Further details of the classes raced can be found on the FAQ & Club Rules page.

At WLRC for all types of on-road racing, we allow the use of “tyre additives”, so long as they do not contain ‘Wintergreen’. The additive is used to soften the tyre compound and therefore give more grip.(NO ADDITIVE OF ANY TYPE ALLOWED IN THE WET).

There are many styles of body shells available for all classes of cars raced. These are all manufactured in ‘Lexon’, this a special material which takes the rough treatment that the body shells get and they are sprayed from the inside with a special flexible paint.

All cars operate on two channel radios, either 27 or 40 MHz (PLEASE HAVE A MINIMUM OF THREE CRYSTALS) or 2.4Ghz radios can be used, battery packs are either 6 cell 7.2 Volts total or 7.4 volt LiPo. There are many different types of batteries available on the market. Batteries allowed as per BRCA rules.


At all of the race meetings held at the West London Racing Centre track, we have a burger van which supplies hot and cold food and drink and usually there is a model shop in attendance. Toilet facilities are available and overnight camping is allowed for National Meetings and other two day events when agreed with the Race Director.

Rubbish sacks are available to Keep The Track Tidy. Please use them. Do not overfill them. Do not forget that it is the spare parts packages and the tearoff back of the numbers that give us away!


The basic equipment required to race is, of course, a Radio Control Electric Model car! (Not A Tandy Type Car) complete with relevant battery packs (minimum two for NiMH or one for LiPo), motor, speed controller, receiver, and a transmitter either with inter-changeable crystals (TX crystals for transmitter – RX crystals for the receiver in the car) or using 2.4Ghz and the following items to use in the pits:-

a) 12 Volt fast charger (not a clockwork timer charger).

b) 12 Volt car battery (heavy duty) for use with NIMH or LiPo battery charger.

c) 12 Volt car headlight bulb with connector to suit discharging your NiMH after each race (or a purpose made discharger). Note LiPos do not require discharging.

d) Screwdrivers (Watchmakers’ type) both crosshead and flat head, pliers, small sockets for wheel nuts etc, 12 Volt soldering iron and any other tools to suit your car.

e) Spares for the car, i.e. wishbones, shock mounts etc..

f) A tool box to keep everything in and a pit table to work on.

The foregoing is just an idea of what is required. Have a look round the pits, most drivers look as if they have bought their workshop with them. Once you get bitten by the racing bug, you will end up with a full pit box.

If you are just starting racing and are looking for a better car, think about buying second-hand, there is always somebody selling a car or a battery charger etc., because they think they have bought something better. Once you have improved your driving, you can then sell it on and buy something which you think is better. (Look on the For Sale section of the message board or the notice board at the track)

Radio control car racing can be expensive if you buy new and cannot drive properly. Money does not make you drive better, practice makes you a better driver.

Remember the faster you go the harder you crash, so don’t get the fastest motor you can to start with

We hope that the foregoing information will help you to enjoy your racing at WLRC.